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Re: Re: FrameTicks or LogPlot bug?

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  • Subject: [mg102421] Re: [mg102395] Re: FrameTicks or LogPlot bug?
  • From: "David Park" <djmpark at>
  • Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2009 06:03:26 -0400 (EDT)
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I don't completely understand the question, and it would be nice if you
provided a full example so we could see the resulting plot and ticks.

There are several problems with:

FrameTicks -> {{yticks, None}, {xticks, None}}

First, a simple list of values provides rather primitive ticks with no
minor-ticks. Providing standard ticks requires a bit more work in specifying
xticks and yticks. Then, using None provides no ticks on the opposite sides
whereas the custom is to provide ticks but without tick values. 

In Presentations you can specify linear or log ticks, and with minor-ticks
and unlabeled ticks on the opposite sides with:

xticks = CustomTicks[...]
yTicks = CustomTicks[...]
FrameTicks -> 
 {{yticks, yticks//NoTickLabels}, {xticks, xticks//NoTickLabels}}

David Park
djmpark at  

From: AES [mailto:siegman at] 

In article <h5gs8g$eok$1 at>,
 annetts729 <davidannetts at> wrote:

> Hi AES,
> > Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?
> >
> > In a LogPlot with Frame->True, using
> >
> >    FrameTicks -> {{xgrid}, {ygrid}}
> >
> > with xgrid and ygrid being lists of values, gives me the xgrid values
> > top and the ygrid values left and right -- but I have to code
> >
> >    FrameTicks -> {{{ygrid}, None}, {{xgrid}, None}}
> >
> > to get the same xgrid bottom only and the same ygrid left only.
> On XP (, while your last form works, FrameTicks -> {{ygrid,
> None}, {xgrid, None}} might be clearer(!).

I think we did the same test.  I meant the words xgrid, ygrid to mean 
_sequences_ of numbers, not actual Mathematica lists.  

If we start over and use xticks, yticks to mean fully developed lists, 
e.g. xticks = {1,2,3}, then it's still true that one has to use

       FrameTicks -> {xticks, yticks}

       FrameTicks -> {{yticks, None}, {xticks, None}}

to get the xticks along the x axis or axes in both cases, and the yticks 
along the y axis or axes -- which seems odd and inconsistent to me, and 
is undocumented in the "More Information" section under FrameTicks.

(And happens in other Plot commands besides LogPlot.)

Is this what's intended?  Is there some logical reason for this 
seemingly inconsistent behavior?  Is it somehow consistent with other 
related commands in Mathematica?  Or did the failure to document the 
first case perhaps lead to the inconsistency going unnoticed.

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