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Fail to export LogLogPlot with ShowLegend

I am having trouble to export a LogLogPlot to which I have added a
legend with ShowLegend.

I'm doing something like:

plot = LogLogPlot[function[t], {t,tmin,tmax}, PlotOptions]

plotWithLeg = ShowLegend[plot, directives, LegendOptions]

Export["plotWithLeg.eps", plotWithLeg]

plotWithLeg is displayed correctly on the screen, however it produces
an empty file when exported, regardless of the output format (eps,
pdf, png, jpg, nothing works). Substituting ShowLegend for a call to
PlotLegend inside LogLogPlot does not work either.

Exporting the plot without legend _does_ work.
Changing LogLogPlot by Plot, adding the legend and exporting does
_also_ work.

I believe this is due to some problem between ShowLegend and
logarithmic plots, a problem that manifests itself when exporting, not
when rendering on the screen. Can anybody think of a workaround to
this?  [Adding the legend with a command other than ShowLegend, some
trickery before exporting, etc.]

Thanks in advance,

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