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Re: Bug: ListPlot and Tooltip

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  • Subject: [mg102570] Re: Bug: ListPlot and Tooltip
  • From: dr DanW <dmaxwarren at>
  • Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 06:00:09 -0400 (EDT)
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Perhaps calling it a bug was too strong; there is a discrepancy in the
behavior of ListPlot and ListLogPlot.

In ListLogPlot, Tooltip wraps the entire dataset:

In[1]: InputForm[ ListLogPlot[ Tooltip[ Range[4], "Data" ] ] ]

Out[1]: Graphics[{{{}, Tooltip[{Hue[0.67, 0.6, 0.6], Point[{{1., 0.},
      0.6931471805599453}, {3., 1.0986122886681098}, {4.,
      1.3862943611198906}}]}, "Data"]...

However, if I use ListPlot instead, I loose Tooltip entirely

In[2]: InputForm[ ListPlot[ Tooltip[ Range[4], "Data" ] ] ]

Out[2]: Graphics[{Hue[0.67, 0.6, 0.6], Point[{{1., 1.}, {2., 2.}, {3.,
3.}, {4., 4.}}]}...

After having successfully used Tooltip with ListLogPlot for many
months, it was quite a surprise to have my tooltips disappear just
because I changed my x-axis scale.

I have seen several discussions on this group on the nature of the
term "bug", and I don't really want to start another one.  I have
learned high standards from Mathematica.  One of its basic tenets is
"if it works at all, it works everywhere".  This has caused me to
expect that if I see tooltips in ListLogPlot, I should see them in

So, I am not looking for a solution here.  I'm already aware that I
can map Tooltip onto individual data points.  I only posted this "bug"
to let the people who want to use my legend workaround that it is not
going to work with ListPlot.


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