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Update on earlier post of Problems encountered with Mathematica & Snow

Hi all,

Snow Leopard is a self healing system!!

Earlier I reported on errors with Mathematica 7 & my upgrade to Snow  

The items below are not reproducible after a system power down and  

2	The 1st open notebook generated the error:

	"Assertion '(Unknown OS Error)' failed at LikeResource.c:56"

	However continuing did start Mathematica and run some initial notebooks OK

3	However there is also a problem with Mathematica Documentation Display. For  

	Needs["Benchmarking`"]  displays as NeedsC"Benchmarking`"G


	BenchmarkReport[] displays as BenchmarkReport@D

2 above does not appear on Mathematica startup and 3 is no longer true!!

I cannot explain it...but happy at the miraculous healing...

Cheers .... Syd

Syd Geraghty B.Sc, M.Sc.

sydgeraghty at

Mathematica 7.0.1 for Mac OS X x86 (64 - bit) (18th February 2009)
MacOS X V 10.6 Snow LeopardMacBook Pro 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo  2GB  

Your recent email to Wolfram Research Technical Support has been
received and assigned the identification number [TS 33549].
Typical turnaround time for answering email is three business days.
Please include this number in any future correspondence with Technical
Support regarding this issue.

Installation support is available at this address to all registered
users of Wolfram Research supported products. Technical Support is
available to all users holding active service subscriptions. You can
also contact Technical Support by phone at the number (217) 398-6500.
Please include your product license number (LXXXX-XXXX) with all
inquiries to Technical Support.

Technical Support
Wolfram Research

We are pleased to announce the worldwide
release of Wolfram|Alpha!!

To experience Wolfram|Alpha for yourself,
please visit

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