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Re: Mathematica and LyX - Graphics and equations

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  • Subject: [mg96010] Re: Mathematica and LyX - Graphics and equations
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  • Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 04:40:44 -0500 (EST)
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On Jan 28, 3:33 am, TL <la... at> wrote:
> Sorry I didn;t write an example
> Here's the issue - I have variables such as P_AB - that is P and AB as
> an index. Mathematica writes \text{} whenever it sees the AB which is
> unwanted - I want the whole thing to appear in italic form. May be it's
> a standard convention I'm not really sure, but it just looks ugly and I
> looked in some math books and saw it all written in italic font there.
> So is there a way to turn this off?

Actually Mathematica is doing the stylistically correct thing here
because AB is a single name according to what you describe. In LaTeX,
authors sometimes get lazy and type names in math environments without
surrounding them by \text or similar things, but then LaTeX not only
sets them in italics but can get fooled into typesetting them the
wrong way because it doesn't know all characters belong to one name.

So you should in fact declare textual names as such. The best approach
depends a lot on what you're actually trying to do with your
expression in Mathematica itself (manipulate it algebraically, use it
as a label, etc.). To "emulate" the lazy italic LaTeX text, you could
mislead Mathematica with the same thing that fools LaTeX: TeXForm
[Subscript[p, A B]].

Of course if you actually meant for A and B to be separate variables,
then you might also want to consider using Subscript[p, A, B] to avoid
any ambiguities.

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