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Re: weather blog and ListStreamPlot sampling

please read the last item as data1[[All,1]], where data1 comes from the following lines:
nedsteden = CityData[{All, "Netherlands"}];
nedstedencoords = {#, CityData[#, "Coordinates"]} & /@ nedsteden ;
rr = DeleteCases[nedstedencoords, {{_, _, _}, {_Missing, _Missing}}] ;
(* rr is used for checking *)
dutchstations = WeatherData[#] & /@ rr[[All, 2]];
data = {#, WeatherData[#, "Temperature"]} & /@ dutchstations;
(* data is also used for checking, like rr *)
data1 = DeleteCases[data, {_, _Missing}];
(* yes, now I am sure Mathematica gives the right data. It is easy to check the data for the whole of the Netherlands *)
So the last code must be:
Graphics[{Gray,  CountryData["Netherlands", "FullPolygon"], {PointSize[Large],  Hue[WeatherData[#, "Temperature"]/30], Tooltip[Point[Reverse[WeatherData[#, "Coordinates"]]],  WeatherData[#]]} & /@ data1[[All, 1]]}]

Sorry for the mistake.
with friendly greetings,

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