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Re: Re: Benchmark performance Under AIX

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  • From: "Coleman, Mark" <Mark.Coleman at>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 16:42:37 -0500 (EST)
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Hi Jens,

Interesting point. I actually copied this verbatim from the
MathematicaMark6 output page. I will look into this more.



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m2 = RandomArray[Real, {}, {20}]


RandomArray[Real, {}, {20}]

Do you mean RandomReal[{}, {20}] ??


Coleman, Mark wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've been doing some benchmark testing of a new IBM Server running AIX

> that we use for Mathematica. In particular I am using the
> MathematicaMark6 tests that come with Mathematica v6.03. I've gotten a

> puzzling result and I was wondering if anyone else on MathGroup has
> seem a similar issue.
> Briefly, we have Grid-Mathematica installed on an 6-CPU p500 series
> IBM server (the machine uses PowerPC Power6 CPUs at 4.2 Ghz each) with

> 32Gb of Ram, running ver 5.3 of 64bit AIX (IBM's Unix). I've been
> comparing the performance of this machine versus my standard 2Ghz
> Laptop running Windows 2000. (Note: I am not making use of any grid
> capabilities on the server)
> Given the configurations of each machine, I would expect the server to

> be as much as 2x as fast as my laptop, given the difference in CPU
> speeds if nothing else. But this is not the case. The server results
> in a MathematicaMark6 score of 1.37 versus 1.67 for my laptop. I've
> traced the difference to Test #5 (Elementary Functions). The benchmark

> code for this test is:
> Test 5:Elementary Functions
> =
>   m2=RandomArray[Real,{},{2000000}];
>   Do[E^m1;Sin[m1];ArcTan[m1,m2],{30}]]]
> This code takes 6.06 seconds on my laptop and 26.8 seconds on the
> server!
> I'm wondering if there is a known issue on AIX (or UNIX systems more
> generally) that might account for this?
> Thanks,
> Mark

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