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Re: Transparent background with PNG



gr = Rasterize[expr, Background->None] (documented)
Export["file.png", gr]

Your expr needs to be something that can rasterized, such as a
Graphics expression.
Rasterizing something that's already a raster (Graphics[Raster[...]])
or Image expression is not going to work.

An undocumented shortcut:  Export["file.png", expr, Background->None]
will do the same thing.


On Feb 20, 4:47 am, replicator... at wrote:
> Hi,
> how can I save an image toPNGformat (eg. a simple plot), with the
> (white) background being transparent? I understand thatPNGexport
> supports alpha channel, but have no clue how to instruct Mathematica
> to exploit it.
> Thanks in advance
> Istvan Zachar

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