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Re: loading autosaved package using Needs[]

ONE: Do not use underscores _ in the name of your package, rename it as
phdthesiscommon.m. Underscores have a meaning in Mathematica and cannot be
used in a name, the same way you cannot use a plus sign + in a name.

TWO: After fixing issue ONE, be sure the file is located in a directory
where Mathematica can find it, for example the directory that is obtained
after evaluating the command $UserBaseDirectory in Mathematica.

Hope that helps

-----Mensaje original-----
De: Mitch Murphy [mailto:mitch at] 
Enviado el: Martes, 06 de Enero de 2009 03:09
Para: mathgroup at
Asunto: [mg95083] loading autosaved package using Needs[]

according to comment at the top of autosaved packages, these files can  
be loaded using Needs[] instead of Get[].

(* This file was generated automatically by the Mathematica front  
end.  *)
(* It contains Initialization cells from a Notebook file,  
which         *)
(* typically will have the same name as this file except ending  
in      *)
(* ".nb" instead of  
".m".                                               *)
(*                                                                      *)
(* This file is intended to be loaded into the Mathematica kernel  
using *)
(* the package loading commands Get or Needs.  Doing so is  
equivalent   *)
(* to using the Evaluate Initialization Cells menu command in the  
front *)
end.                                                                 *)

it doesn't work for me...

	Needs::cxt: Invalid context specified at position 1 in  
Needs[phd_thesis_common.m]. A context must consist of valid symbol  
names separated by and ending with `. >>

any help/suggestions appreciated.


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