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Re: Which editor do you use for math articles

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  • Subject: [mg95399] Re: Which editor do you use for math articles
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  • Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 05:31:49 -0500 (EST)
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On 16 Jan., 12:09, TL <la... at> wrote:
> Although Mathematica 7 is a very powerful peace of software as far as
> the computational part goes it turns out to be quite limited and
> unstable when it comes to word editing and processing, despite the
> claims in the help that it is almost as powerful as WinWord.
> For example it crashed multiple times on me while I was trying to setup
> the right fonts and sizes, as  a result I lost all my work several
> times, it also messed up my fonts, sizes, styles, settings for the
> equations, its undo is totally useless and I couldn't figure out how to
> format a text and a graphic in two or more columns and display them side
> by side in a notebook as well as how to control what goes on what page
> and while printing to PDF often it wouldn't print all pages, but just
> the first 2-3.
> All that said I'm wondering what program to use to write my work in, and
> I'm asking for advice - is WinWord any better when it comes to handling
> equations?
> Any other choices?
> What is the best way to export Mathematica 7 equations and graphics?

Hello TL,

I'm just beginning to use Mathematica 7 to write math texts, and so far it
looks quite o.k. For more than 25 years I used (and I'm still using
it) TeX. When  writing Math stuff, my personal opinion is: Don't touch
WinWord. For larger documents it is not usable, besides this the
output generated by TeX (LaTeX) is by far better than WW does. For
instance the algorithms for placing additions spaces in a paragraph to
make it right-justified are rather simple in Word (and so the output
is) TeX solves an optimization problem for every paragraph to make a
pretty looking and harmonic spacing, it's by far better - not to
mention stability and the ability to write works of several hundred

To export formulas etc. to TeX in Mathematica it's only TeXForm[#] :-). One
last thing to remember: TeX is free, no Dollars, no Euros, no Pesos or
whatever :-)

But up to now also Mathematica 7 does a pretty good job, the problems you
mentioned (crashes etc.) I did not have so far, and writing math-texts
is very easy. Besides this one can have interactivity inside - this is
really great.



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