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Re: Weird self-fixing problem with cell styles

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  • Subject: [mg95456] Re: Weird self-fixing problem with cell styles
  • From: Christopher Henrich <chenrich at>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 02:57:09 -0500 (EST)
  • References: <gkschf$ege$> <gkv05j$dac$>

In article <gkv05j$dac$1 at>, David Reiss <dbreiss at> 

> On Jan 17, 5:39 am, Christopher Henrich <chenr... at> wrote:
> > I was working on a Mathematica notebook when I suddenly found that I
> > could not use the different cell styles.  (Section, Subsection, Tex,
> > Input, etc.) Several thins seemed broken:
> >
> > 1. On the toolbar, there is a popup menu for selecting a style; it was
> > empty - no choices.
> >
> > 2. The menu item Format > Style offered only one choice : "Other..."
> >
> > 3. The menu item Format > Screen Environment was disabled (grayed out).
> >
> > I blundered around trying to find an option that referred to cell
> > styles. In desperation I changed the Style Sheet, and changed it right
> > back again.
> >
> > And that fixed all the symptoms.
> What happened was that something presumably changed the style sheet of
> the notebook to another one.  One possibility is that it was changed
> somehow to the internal style sheet used by the Documentation Center
> which has its styles set so that they do not appear in the
> Format>Style menu.  It is certainly possible that this--or something
> like it--happened due to a bug.
> Of course if you can find the steps that caused this to happen, yoiu
> shodl report it to Wolfram support so that they can investigate it...
> --David

I found another file with the same symptoms, and managed to get 
comparison data, using an ASCII editor to look at two versions of the 
file, one displaying the symptoms and one "fixed."

The important difference was near the end of the file, at the very end 
of "Notebook content." The buggy version had this:

    StyleData[StyleDefinitions -> "DefaultPkg.nb"]]}, Visible -> False, 
  FrontEndVersion -> "6.0 for Mac OS X PowerPC (32-bit) (June 19, 
  StyleDefinitions -> "PrivateStylesheetFormatting.nb"]

whereas the fixed version had this in the same place:


A sample of other notebooks, including one last modified in 2002, have 
the latter, simpler content.

Christopher J. Henrich
chenrich at

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