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slots with 2 indexed array?

First I produce some dummy data, 4000 of what I call signals, 1024 samples each.

sigs = Table[10 i + j, {i, 4000}, {j, 1024}];
len = Length[sigs];

I'd like to modify these signals. The For statement below works. I can use a slot function on each of the sigs specified by i.

For[i = 1, i < len + 1, i++, 
  sigs[[i]] = If[# >= 2048, # - 2048, # + 2048] & /@ sigs[[i]] ]

Surely there's a way to use slots on a double indexed array but I haven't found it yet.

If I try to let # represent every entry in sigs, the If statement isn't processed:

sigs = If[# >= 2048, # - 2048, # + 2048] & /@ sigs;

I tried Which that Help says uses HoldAll but that doesn't work either; Which[] still isn't evaluated.

I tried using #2 and ## instead of # but that doesn't work.  In reading about slot functions I haven't seen any examples using multi indexed arrays.

Could someone please give me a hint on how to pull this off? -- if this can be done with slots. Thanks.

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