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Re: Which editor do you use for math articles

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  • Subject: [mg95693] Re: [mg95350] Which editor do you use for math articles
  • From: John_V <jvillar.john at>
  • Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 06:50:19 -0500 (EST)

I  have been using Adobe FrameMaker for this purpose for years. I thought it
worth mentioning since no one else has yet done so.

FrameMaker provides the conveniences of a word processor type environment
(WYSIWYG, automatic numbering of references, cross referencing for figures,
equation numbers, templates for multicolumn camera-ready papers and other
report formats, etc.) that I find useful when writing a paper. It has its
own equation editor, so I don't think you could cut and paste directly from
Mathematica--though I don't know if that is possible with the alternatives

I have not used TeX (or variants) since I wrote my thesis many years ago, so
I can't compare this option to the more frequently mentioned TeX-related
ones. I'd be interested in comments from anyone who is familiar with both.


Although Mathematica 7 is a very powerful peace of software as far as
> the computational part goes it turns out to be quite limited and
> unstable when it comes to word editing and processing, despite the
> claims in the help that it is almost as powerful as WinWord.
> For example it crashed multiple times on me while I was trying to setup
> the right fonts and sizes, as  a result I lost all my work several
> times, it also messed up my fonts, sizes, styles, settings for the
> equations, its undo is totally useless and I couldn't figure out how to
> format a text and a graphic in two or more columns and display them side
> by side in a notebook as well as how to control what goes on what page
> and while printing to PDF often it wouldn't print all pages, but just
> the first 2-3.
> All that said I'm wondering what program to use to write my work in, and
> I'm asking for advice - is WinWord any better when it comes to handling
> equations?
> Any other choices?
> What is the best way to export Mathematica 7 equations and graphics?

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