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Re: Has anyone tried to use MathLink to receive real-time market

Thanks for the suggestion, David. There was another comment regarding
using J/Link as the better solution, so it seems that I should explore
that in more detail. Gary, perhaps you can elucidate what the better
ways are? Being very new to Mathematica, I don't always see the
obvious solutions which those with more experience see clearly....



On Jan 27, 7:01 am, David Bailey <d... at> wrote:
> hayes.ty... at wrote:
> > Hello All:
> > One of the great new things in Mathematica > 6 is the curated data.
> > Defintely having access to the curated historical data is a great
> > feature, however, providing access to analyze real-time would take
> > this feature to the next level. I was wondering if anyone has used
> > Mathematica (via MathLink I assume) to access the free real-time feeds
> > from OpenTick (check their website).
> > I would love to see this kind of thing as a permanent feature of
> > Mathematica, and am contemplating submitting it as a feature
> > request....would anyone else use something like this?
> > Would love to hear your thoughts.
> > Cheers,
> > t.
> If you can read the relevant data into Java,you could invoke that using
> J/Link (which is much easier to use than Mathlink, although it uses
> MathLink internally).
> David Bailey

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