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Re: Simplifying with KroneckerDelta

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  • Subject: [mg101465] Re: [mg101426] Simplifying with KroneckerDelta
  • From: "David Park" <djmpark at>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 07:09:16 -0400 (EDT)
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Hello Francisco,

I'm not really an expert in whatever subtleties there might be in using the
KroneckerDelta, or what some built-in Mathematica routines might do with it.
But you could write your own routine for simplifications along the following

SimplifyKroneckerDelta::usage =

  "SimplifyKroneckerDelta[expr] will simplify expressions of factor \

KroneckerDelta[a,b] by using a -> b in factor.";

SimplifyKroneckerDelta[expr_] :=

 expr /. factor_ KroneckerDelta[a_, b_] :>

   Module[{work = factor},

    work = work /. a -> b;

    Simplify[work] KroneckerDelta[a, b]]

Exp[a - b] KroneckerDelta[a, b] // SimplifyKroneckerDelta

KroneckerDelta[a, b]

I wrote the routine in a rather step-by-step manner because maybe you would
want to use other rules or tests or specific types of simplification on the
resulting factor expression =96 depending on what you have. Or maybe you would
want several forms of the top level rule, each with its own Module steps.

David Park

djmpark at 

From: Francisco Rojas Fern=E1ndez [mailto:fjrojas at]

That helps, but maybe I should have been more specfic because I actually
have long and more involved expressions.
What would be really useful for me in this case would be a replacement rule
like this:

krule = f[b_] KroneckerDelta[a_, b_] -> f[a] KroneckerDelta[a, b]

where f[ ] is any function.
For example, if I had an expression like: Exp[a-b] KroneckerDelta[a,b] I
would like Mathematica to give me

Exp[0] KroneckerDelta[a,b]

which after simplifying of course it's just KroneckerDelta[a,b]

Is there anyway I can do this? I tried some ways but they didn't work (maybe
writing f[b_] is not the right way?)

Thanks in advance again for your help.

On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 7:43 AM, David Park <djmpark at> wrote:

Why not use a rule?

krule = b_ KroneckerDelta[a_, b_] -> a KroneckerDelta[a, b]

(m + n) KroneckerDelta[k, m + n] /. Krule
k KroneckerDelta[k, m + n]

But the real work might be if you have a sum before the KroneckerDelta that
only includes m + n as sub-terms. You could write a routine that collected
on the KroneckerDelta forms, then wrapped Hold around the m+n sub-terms
(both places), then applied the rule and released the Hold.

David Park
djmpark at <>

From: frojasf [mailto:fjrojas at]


Does anybody know how to tell mathematica to use the KroneckerDelta in order
to simplify expressions? For example, it would be great if it could receive
something like this:

(m+n) KroneckerDelta[k,m+n]  and give

k KroneckerDelta[k,m+n]

Of course this is simple example, but I have an expression which is about
200 terms long, so if it could use the delta to simplify things by itself,
that would be great.

Thanks to all in advance,
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