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Plot Label at bottom with quote marks

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  • Subject: [mg101640] Plot Label at bottom with quote marks
  • From: Don <donabc at>
  • Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 05:50:04 -0400 (EDT)

The only way I know of to put a label at the bottom of a Plot is the following.

p1 = Plot[{Sin[3 x] + 0.3 x,  0.3 x}, {x, 0, 10}, 
   AxesLabel -> {Text[Style["Years", Bold, FontSize -> 14]], 
     Text[Style["Price", Bold, FontSize -> 14]]},
    PlotRangePadding -> {0.5, 0.5}, 
   PlotStyle -> {Black, Black}];

Labeled[p1, "Fig. 1"]

So far, so good.  But now, I want to use the Drawing Tool to put some text on the Plot  that comes out as a result of the above code.

(Graphics -> Drawing Tools to bring up the palette of drawing tools.)

When I click on the AE icon (for text) at the bottom of the palette and bring the resulting crosshairs
onto the graph and click on the graph where I want the text to begin, quote marks appear around the label at the bottom ("Fig. 1") and I can't get rid of them.  From that point on, they print with the quote marks. 

Does anyone have a solution?  Thank you.

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