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LocatorPane gets invisible inside GraphicsRow (bug?)

Dear Group,

Code of misbehaving Locator is below. The locator does not show up
before the background if the list of LocatorPane and a string is
wrapped into GraphicsRow. Sometimes it does show up, but just
temporarily, or partially, that is: as it is moved, it gets behind
some invisible rectangle, that is randomly placed on the plot. But
with a fresh kernel the Locator object simply does not show up
(Mathematica 7.0.1).
Still the invisible Locator can be moved, and the 'pt' variable is
dynamically updated.

pt = {0, 0};
GraphicsRow@{LocatorPane[Dynamic@pt, Plot[Sin@x, {x, -\[Pi], \[Pi]}]],
Row@{LocatorPane[Dynamic@pt, Plot[Sin@x, {x, -\[Pi], \[Pi]}]], "N/A"}

Is it a bug?

Istvan Zachar

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