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Re: Polygon Union

It is usually not too difficult to translate existing C code to
Mathematica (as long as it doesn't use pointers). Making it efficient,
functional programming, code is an entirely different matter.

Your question provoked my interest and I've been looking into this
polygon union stuff, but it's pretty complicated stuff. Not something
you'd write in a few lines of Mathematica code alas...

Cheers -- Sjoerd

On Jun 8, 7:46 am, David Skulsky <edskul... at> wrote:
> Hmmm...  I was hoping to avoid using a function external to
> Mathematica (I've never used MathLink), but this may be inevitable.
> Thanks!
> David Skulsky
> On Jun 6, 12:49 am, "Sjoerd C. de Vries" <sjoerd.c.devr... at>
> wrote:
> > code to perform a
> > set of polygon operations, among which the polygon union.
> > Cheers -- Sjoerd
> > On Jun 5, 10:12 pm, David Skulsky <edskul... at> wrote:
> > > I am looking for a Mathematica function which generates the union of
> > > two (not necessarily convex) polygons.  I found a package on the we=
> > > (the Imtek library, I believe) which includes a convex polygon
> > > intersection function, but not a polygon *union* function.  Does
> > > anyone know if such a function is available or, if not, can anyone
> > > suggest an algorithm to implement in Mathematica?
> > > Thanks in advance,
> > > David Skulsky

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