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Re: Plot with x value in Log

The problem statement is a bit unclear, but you might be looking for
LogPlot or LogLogPlot.

The {x,100,1,-1} for the x range is wrong. The format is {x, xmin,

Cheers -- Sjoerd

On Jun 25, 1:12 pm, Breno Tresoldi Minzon <breno.min... at>
> Hi,
>         I need to plot an Integral, that i need to solve numerically. I need to plot 10Log10[x] versus result of integral. If i plot
>       Plot[nIntegrate[<my func here, in x>],{x,100,1,-1}]
>    is easy, but the plot is wrong. i need to do 10Log10 of x, not only x. But if i plot
>       LogLinearPlot[nIntegrate[<my func here, in x>],{x,100,1,-1}] the plot is a Log in x, but the values that appear isn't in log...How can i do this? i search alot in google, in help, in anywhere...What i'm doing wrong?
>  Thanks a lot
> Breno

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