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Re: GraphComplement doesn't work in 7.0

They return unevaluated because you don't provide them with the input
formats for which they are defined.

As can be clearly (!) seen in the Combinatorica manual,
GraphComplement needs a graph as input. What you gave him is not a

Look up this manual page:

and find some graph representation functions. Hint: they start with

Cheers -- Sjoerd

On Mar 4, 2:10 pm, Tangerine Luo <tangerine.... at> wrote:
> I find some functions do not work in mathematica 7.0. Why?
> are some function not implemented yet?
> << Combinatorica`
> In[4]:= GraphComplement[{1 -> 2}]
> Out[4]= GraphComplement[{1 -> 2}]

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