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Re: Problems in writing into a sequential filename

On 3/4/09 at 7:10 AM, xabart at wrote:

>I am enjoying the beautiful rules of programming in mathematica, and
>I step onto a rock: How can I write datas into a sequential
>filename? Let's explain myself, with an exemple below:

>First I work on mathematica 6.0.2 on linux

>I want to make a Do loop in witch I choose values for a variable: Sr
>(here, 0.5 and 1) Then I concatenate a "pattern" and the value (here
>RappSr and the value) and put the name into a variable (Nomfich)
>then I open the file (It works) But then, the problem is it does not
>write into the file, but it close it normally.

>So How can I do this not-so-tricky-thing in Mathematica?

>And by the way, I can't plot graphes into any Loop neither.

>Thanks for all your help, Cheers Xavier

>The code:

>Do[ Nomfich = ToString["RappSr" <> ToString[Sr]];

>Print[Nomfich]; poiuy4  = OpenWrite[Nomfich];

>Sr >>> Nomfich; 1 >>> Nomfich; Close[Nomfich];

>, {Sr, {0.5, 1}}];

There are a variety of ways of creating sequential files in
Mathematica. And while this could be done using an explicit Do
loop, this would be my last choice. Suppose I wanted a list of
things sent to various files with a given base name with a
sequential number appended to that base name. I would do that using

MapIndexed[Put[#1, basename<>ToString[#2[[1]]]<>ext&, listOfStuff]

Or if I needed something more readable than what Put creates,

MapIndexed[Export[basename<>ToString[#2[[1]]]<>ext, #1,
"Table"]&, listOfStuff]

Or if I wanted to use explicit values rather than sequential integers:

MapThread[Put[#1, basename<>ToString[#2]<>ext]&, {listOfStuff, listOfValues=

These simple examples can easily be embellished in numerous
ways. For example, NumberPadding could be used to format numbers
to a fixed width which could be very nice.

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