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Re: Re: Mathematica and some General Comments

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  • From: peter <plindsay.0 at>
  • Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2009 05:51:32 -0500 (EST)
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I don't Mathematica could, or should, become the de facto standard for
mathematics communication. Its a bit like insisting that all written
documents from now on must be done in MS Word. However I do think that the
Mathematica Player is an excellent tool and is actually quite a generous
gift from Wolfram Research to the mathematical community.Peter

2009/3/7 ADL <alberto.dilullo at>

> With respect to some of your points, I really believe that the worst
> thing WRI developers could do against Mathematica itself was (and is)
> to hide the bug list and the list of fixes.
> This overall gives the feeling of a substantially unreliable system.
> Generally speaking, I am fond of the basic Mathematica structure, I
> use it every day to solve practical issues in my job and also develop
> some rather complex programs, but admittedly would never fully rely on
> a piece of software in which new bugs are introduced all the time,
> also in appearently consolidated areas, and for which fixes are never
> documented and established once for all.
> On the contrary, WRI has undertaken the introduction of thousands new
> features, many of which do not appear to work exactly as expected, are
> ofted superficially documented, are difficult to print and study in
> detail and are sometines stubbornly affected by some "suboptimal"
> design, which makes their application counterintuitive or error prone.
> Most Mathematica books are full of astonishing one-liners (perhaps
> 1000 characters long), while a lot of people are still stuck with
> FindRoot, Eigenvectors, FourierTransform, etc etc. To make a simple
> plot, it is often better (sometimes recommended) to quit Mathematica
> and use a general-purpose spreadsheet.
> It is surely a strategy, it might support some cash flow, but I do not
> believe it is a winning strategy.
> About one / two years ago, WRI proudly declared that they had reached
> the millionth build of Mathematica. Now, there are surely many more.
> Why they did not realize that this very bad advertisement for a sw
> with 6 official versions (at that time) and strong indication of a
> very bad design? This is an explicit declaration that Mathematica is
> not amenable to incremental development, that is the only way towards
> reliability.
> I do not understand why and I am sad about it, but after reading this
> Group for about one year and having used Mathematica since version 3,
> to me WRI appears to be strongly determined NOT to become a winner in
> this arena.
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> ...
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Peter Lindsay

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