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Piechart labels Mathematica 7

Hello all,

I'm creating pie charts with sector labels but unfortunately the labels are
partially hidden by the next section of the pie chart because the slice
itself is rather narrow.  Is there a way to place labels such that the label
for a narrow slice isn't partially obscured by the next one?  I've searched
the documentation and the forum but haven't been able to figure this out.

This is the code I'm using.

varAFreq={{"Alive", 41169}, {"Dead", 1916}, {"Missing", 2009}};

PieChart[varAFreq[[All, 2]],
 ImageSize -> Medium,
 ChartStyle -> {LightGreen, Red, LightRed},
 PlotLabel ->
  Column[{Style["Phase I Trees", Bold, 14],
    Style[Row[{" (",
       NumberForm[Total[varAFreq[[All, 2]]], DigitBlock -> 3],
       " trees surveyed)"}], Italic, 14]}],
 ChartLabels ->
  Placed[N[varAFreq[[All, 2]]/Total[varAFreq[[All, 2]]]*100] "%",
   "RadialCallout", Style[NumberForm[#, {3, 1}], 12] &],
 SectorOrigin -> {.5 Pi, -1},
 LabelingFunction -> (Placed[
     Style[NumberForm[#, DigitBlock -> 3], Italic, 12],
     "RadialCenter"] &)]

Thank you in advance!

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