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ListPointPlot3D not composable?

Hello MathGroup:

I want to annotate my 3D point plot, so I start with some Epilog
statements (e.g. Point[]). An example is:

ListPointPlot3D[ReplacePart[Partition[Range[100], 10]
   , {{3, 3} -> None, {5, 7} -> I, {8, 4} -> Missing["NotAvailable"]}]
   , PlotStyle -> PointSize[Large]
   , Epilog -> Point[{6, 6, 50}]

I kept getting a message like:

"Array {6, 6, 50} has the wrong dimensions for a graphics coordinate

This does not make sense since this works fine:

Graphics3D@Point[{6, 6, 50}]

Now since the help for ListPointPlot3D[] says: "returns Graphics3D[]"
I decided to try a list of Graphics3D[{e1,e2}] and then I get stuck

(* no Epilog statement now! *)
q1 = ListPointPlot3D[ReplacePart[Partition[Range[100],
     10], {{3, 3} -> None, {5, 7} -> I, {8, 4} ->
      Missing["NotAvailable"]}], PlotStyle -> PointSize[Large]];
>> Graphics3D
>> "Graphics is not a Graphics3D primitive or directive."
>> "Graphics is not a Graphics3D primitive or directive."
(* output displays fine *)

So should this work? What I am doing seems simple. I am trying to
think of another workaround for this. Is there some other way to make
this work?


Roger Williams
Franklin Laboratory

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