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Looking for automated search engine for conjectures in algebraic

There are search engines that look for symbolic generators for
sequences.  There are engines that look for symbolic forms that match
real valued constants.  There is a very successful engine that looks
for conjectures in graph theory, unfortunately I cannot remember the
name of that one at the moment.

I think I remember, but I now cannot find, an engine that searches for
conjectures in simple algebra or perhaps algebraic geometry.  This
does not need to produce a proof, just searching through the
composition of an assortment of functions applied to a handful of test
cases until it stumbles onto one or more likely conjectures that
satisfies a conjunction of equalities will be enough.

I'm almost certain I remember seeing this, but a day of google
searches and asking a few people has turned up nothing.  It might have
been a Mathematica package, but I've searched Wolfram's site and not
found anything.

A tangible, but over-simplified example, might help.  Imagine the
cosine law for triangles was not known, but you suspect there is a
relationship between the edges of any triangle.  The engine would be
handed an equality, with unknown functions on both sides, and a set of
example triangles.  The task is to search through a bounded set of
functions applied to each triangle until it finds something that
likely satisfies the equality as far as N[] is concerned.

Can anyone recall where they saw something like this described?  Or,
as a last resort, how something like this might be coded up in

Thank you

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