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Re: Different results with FourierTransform[]


and more surprising I have a third one, and this is the
correct one

Integrate[Tanh[x]*Exp[I*x*p], {x, -Infinity, Infinity}]


Integrate::idiv:Integral of E^(I*p*x) Tanh[x] does not converge on


Wieland Brendel wrote:
> Dear reader,
> I somewhat stumbled over the following behaviour of mathematica: I tried 
> to calculate the fouriertransform of Tanh[x]. I did this in two ways:
> 1. Directly:
> InverseFourierTransform[Tanh[x], x, p]
> 2. Indirectly:
> InverseFourierTransform[Tanh[B x], x, p]
> where I set B -> 1 in the end.
> However, the result between the two approaches differs: Whereas in the 
> first approach I get a complex number (with both real and imaginary part 
> being non-zero for almost all values of p), the result in the second 
> approach yields NO real part; the imaginary part however is the same as 
> in the first approach. Is there any explanation for this behaviour?
> Thanks a lot in advance! I am really stuck with that...
> Wieland

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