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Re: pdf export problem

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  • Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 05:41:59 -0500 (EST)
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Hi David:

Not much in the way of help here, but moral support. I, too, have had
problems exporting notebooks to PDFs with Mathematica (both 6 and 7).
A couple of things:

[1] For obvious reasons, transparency doesn't work well, but if you
save using the "bitmap" that will solve that problem.

[2] I've contacted Mathematica about the font mappings. Even The
Mathematica Journal doesn't print/export correctly for me. For some
reason it always wants to use Courier, for everything but Times,
despite having verified that all other fonts installed correctly. Some

File -> Printing Options -> Working

might help. Weird thing is, if I use "working," as opposed to
"printout," the fonts map properly, but figures wind up being cut off
and the text wrap doesn't work so well. You also may want to go into
the Options Inspector and hardcode the PageMargins for the "Printout"
option (compared to "Working"). When I get home from work this evening
I will post the actual numbers and option names you can try as
provided by Wolfram.

Hope that helps. If I find anything else that works, I will be sure to



PS - I use a Linux computer (Kubuntu 8.04), and you?

On Mar 27, 6:35 am, David Elbert <elb... at> wrote:
> Hello All-
> I have been having problems exporting notebooks to pdf and was hoping  
> someone might have some insight.  I submitted a support request to  
> Wolfram, but have not heard back.
> Quick background:  Mathematica 7.0.0; Macintosh Front End (OS X Leopard=
> Quick summary:  I am writing "handouts" for distribution in a math/
> stats class.  Some characters disappear when converting to pdf.  
> Example that has been vexing me lately is the less-than-or-equal-to  
> sign (unicode character 2264, I think).  I just get blank spaces in  
> its place.
> My theories (obviously wrong or I wouldn't be here asking!):  I  
> thought it was a problem with font installations, but I have tried  
> different fonts without success.  I also have noted that the problem =
> occurs when the cells are "text" style, but goes away if I make the  
> cell "equation" style.  I can't decide if there is a problem in the  
> style definitions, a bug that improperly defines fonts (and/or misses  
> embedding) into pdf, or something to do with "high" unicode characters.
> Apologies if my perusal of the archives has missed another discussion  
> of this issue, but thanks to anyone who can offer any insight or  
> help.  I thought such font problems were well in my past, but no such =
> luck.
> Thanks-
> David
> David Elbert
> Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences &
> Environmental Science and Policy Program
> Johns Hopkins University
> 3400 N. Charles St
> Baltimore, MD 21218
> elb... at

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