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Re: New Wolfram Tutorial Collection documentation is ready

As I know, the only one e-book reader with no problem with ALL kind of pdf  
(also very big, scanned files), and with a screen big and good enought to  
visualise scientific text (equations and so on) is the Iliad Irex (a  
subsidiary from Philips). It can also be used to take notes or highlight  
the text, since it has a small graphic pen (tablet style)
I have one, with a 8 Gb standard memory card (you can use 2 different  
format of card and normal usb pendrive), where I fitted with no problem my  
huge collection of almost 3000 books.
For sure kindle will not work with pdf, but only with proprietary files.

> I got e-mail today from Wolfram saying that the new "Tutorial
> Collection" documents are ready for downloading of the PDF or HTML
> files, or purchase of the hardcopy. There are 23 volumes that take up
> about 354 MB if you downloaded them all (about 3668 pages according to
> Wolfram). I wonder if these are readable by any of the e-book readers
> like Kindle or the Sony or ??? If anyone knows please let us know ...
> I am sure this will be exciting nighttime reading ;-) You could buy a
> Kindle for the cost of these books. But will it or the Sony show them
> correctly??
> -Bob
> ps -- the URL for these is  
> and apparently there are a few volumes that are not finished or they
> are out of stock, so if you want the printed volumes the website for
> purchasing them said there may be a 2-3 week delay for the few volumes
> that fall into this category (see
> ) Also note that the hardcopy books are printed in black & white (not
> color like the PDF and HTML versions are).

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