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100000 messages to MathGroup and a rose to the Moderator

At 100 000 MathGroup messages I think that the Moderator really deserves a
rose. Here is a virtual one:

I am experimenting with creating embroidery files (for controlling
embroidery sewing machines) from pictures, using an unconventional method. I
am of course using Mathematica for that, using randomly generated points and
such commands as FindCluster and FindShortestTour. The preliminary result -
a rose or a magpie's nest? - can be seen under the link above. A real
nightmare for an embroidery teacher, but according to some definitions art
should challenge the good taste.

Drop a note if you are interested!

The word "embroidery" has never been mentioned before in MathGroup or at the
Wolfram site, so this is a primer. That is a sign of real competent software
- it might be used in ways the creators could not foretell. So I am voting
for Mathematica as a broad and general tool.

Ingolf Dahl
ingolf.dahl at

(The link will be active for a month or so.)

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