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Re: A question on Grid and nested lists

param = {{"BlindText", Slider[], varValue1}, {"BlindText", Slider[],
    varValue2}, {"BlindText", PopupMenu[x, {"a", "b", "c"}]},
   {"BlindText", PopupMenu[y, {"a", "b", "c"}]}}


Map[Row , Grid[Partition[param, 2]], {3}]

does not help ?


Karsten W. wrote:
> Hello,
> thanks for your help on the variable dumping function in my earlier
> post. I make good progress in learning Mathematica and I really like
> it. However, here is again a problem where I am stuck.
> In my dialog, I would like to lay out a table of parameters in two
> columns. Each parameter consists of two or three elements, like
>   param = {{text1, Slider[...], varValue1}, {text2, Slider[...],
> varValue2}, {text3, PopupMenu[..]}, ...}
> Since they are quite a lot parameters, I would like to put two
> parameters in one row. I tried
>   Grid[Partition[param,2]],
> which work essentially fine, but there are these curly braces
> indicating a list around each parameter. I think I cannot flatten out
> on the second nesting level, because then I would loose the centering
> of the parameters. So what can I do here? I tried
>   param = Partition[param,2];
>   param = Map[Grid[#]&, param, {2}]; (* Map[Pane[#... does not help
> either *)
>   Grid[param]
> but that didn't help.
> If you could help me here, that would be very nice.
> Kind regards,
> Karsten.

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