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Re: Wolfram|Alpha Lookup Tool for Mathematica

On May 21, 10:48 pm, Jens <noec... at> wrote:
> > > > I also signal the Wolfram toolbar for your favourite browser is
> > > > available in the w/a site.
> > > > It has links to all major Wolfram sites and a query box.
> > > > Nice touch WRI!
> Also worth mentioning in this context may be the "official" Wolfram
> Alpha Box for web sites:
> I've added this box to  the web site of my department, and it seems to
> work smoothly.
> Jens

When I google "integrate sin(x) log(x) wolfram alpha" the first hit is
the W|A output, but with the two digits appended to "www" by W|A for
load balancing purposes. I wonder if this automated "assimilation" of
W|A by Google has been anticipated by the W|A team. Probably they
would at least want search queries to come to www.wolframalpha and not
www39.wolframalpha... and of course one may debate if Google is
sufficiently human to be allowed to use W|A at all, even if it does so
indirectly and on my behalf.

In the end Google and others like it could end up benefiting greatly
from the new content W|A and its users are creating with computable


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