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Re: Accessing Dictionary definitions

here is a bruto force solution:
In[37]:= words = Flatten[WordData[#] & /@ WordData[], 1];

In[38]:= Select[words, Length[#] == 3 && #[[3]] == "VarietyMeat" &]
Out[38]= {{"brain", "Noun", "VarietyMeat"}, {"heart", "Noun",
  "VarietyMeat"}, {"liver", "Noun", "VarietyMeat"}, {"tongue", "Noun",
   "VarietyMeat"}, {"tripe", "Noun", "VarietyMeat"}}

Greeting from Croatia,

"Lincoln sievable" <briclark at> wrote in message 
news:gvdr7e$730$1 at
> Can anyone guide whether Mathematica, can return words that have
> common elements in their Definitions ?  For example, WordData["liver",
> "Definitions"] shows" liver" has been given a definition that includes
> {"liver", "Noun", "VarietyMeat"}.  Is there a way to, for example,
> return all words that are "VarietyMeat" ?

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