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Re: Re: Logscale Tick Function

Oops again because previously tics was not specified and now logtic is not
specified, so your examples still don't work.

In any case, the Presentations package does have a CustomTicks command that
allows log scales with any combination of labeled and unlabeled ticks and
complete control over the tick sizes, positionings and labeling format. 

David Park
djmpark at  

From: M.Roellig [mailto:markus.roellig at] 


oops! Typo on my side. The examples should read:

LogLogPlot[x, {x, 10^-3, 10^5}, Ticks -> logtic]
LogLogPlot[x, {x, 10^-3, 10^15}, Ticks -> logtic]
LogLogPlot[x, {x, 10^-3, 10^35}, Ticks -> logtic]

since i named the function logtic :)

On side remark: The function is not working well if the min and max values
less thansay a few dex apart, e.g. compare:

LogLogPlot[x, {x, 100, 700}, Ticks -> logtic]

(* with standard tic function *)
LogLogPlot[x, {x, 100, 700}, Ticks -> Automatic]

My function reasonably places the subticks, but fails in labeling so
you get a plot with
nice but meaningless ticks. The standard labeling algorithm is better
here, but still
fails in placing the sub(sub)ticks. I will try to improve it, but feel
free to send me your ideas.

On the strange uneven tick lengths:

>Looks uneven to me as well, but since the ticks are very small, this
>may be a pixel rounding problem. Your ticks seem to be a bit uneven as

That's true and this is like it is supposed to be, because I use the
exact same
tick lengths like the standard LogPlot, This seems to be a rendering
not a problem of the Graphics Primitives.


On May 25, 12:17 pm, "w... at" <w... at>
> Sir, this does not work on my WinXP M7.01 -- I get err message "Expected =
a list of tick specifications".
> Whether it works or not, I sure don't understand your use of Ticks->tic. =
 I can't find that tic is defined anywhere, certainly in the main Module.=
 Could you please give me some idea of how this works? Thanks, Rob

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