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Re: plotting with dotted lines, not dashed

In article <hcgpl8$egs$1 at>, dh <dh at> wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> in version 7.0.1:
> from the manual:
> Dotted: Dotted is equivalent to Dashing[{0, Small}]:
> Dashing: If a segment has a length Subscript[r, i] specified as 0, it is 
> drawn as a dot whose diameter is the thickness of the line.

The Input line for the first example in the Help message for "Dotted" in 
Mathematica 7 is

  Graphics[{Dotted, Line[{{0, 0}, {2, 1}}]}]

I copied the Output graphic produced by that input in the Help message 
using the Mathematica "Copy as PDF" menu command; pasted it into an 
Illustrator document that was open in Illustrator; and magnified the 
view of that document. 

The "dots" are clearly not dots but dashes or rectangles that are 
something like 4 or 5 times longer than they are wide.

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