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Re: MathKernel7 produces no Graphics

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  • Subject: [mg104632] Re: [mg104597] MathKernel7 produces no Graphics
  • From: Jan Engelhardt <jengelh at>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2009 03:51:08 -0500 (EST)
  • References: <200911493257.767160@jfultz2winlap>

On Nov 4 2009 09:32, John Fultz wrote:
>You can load the JavaGraphics` package to get the support you want.  I.e.,
>But the modern graphics are sophisticated enough that there's only
>one program with all of the features required to render them...the
>Mathematica front end.

Well I am fine with that. To reply to the other response, we run the
CLI kernel not because we are cool, but because it's faster to go,
especially when you run on netbooks and you happen to not require
graphic output.

>We wrote a quickie Java bitmap viewer and some M-- code to launch the FE in the
>background, ask the FE to render graphics to bitmap, then toss the bitmap to the
>Java program.  But, as you'll notice when you execute the above command, it
>takes a bit to launch.

The problem I am observing is that despite <<JavaGraphics`, there will
be no graphics window.

I ran that in `strace -fe execve ./bin/math` now, and see there
a Segmentation Fault. Uh, not good :->

[pid  8328] execve("/home/math/Mathematica-7.0/SystemFiles/FrontEnd/Binaries/Linux-x86-64/Mathematica", ["/home/math/Mathematica-7.0/Syste"..., "-topDirectory", "/home/math/Mathematica-7.0", "-mathlink", "-server", "-noSplashScreen", "-linkmode", "connect", "-linkprotocol", "SharedMemory", "-linkname", "9mb_shm"], [/* 80 vars */]) = 0
  -- Java graphics initialized --

In[2]:= Plot[x^2,{x,-10,10}] 
Process 8386 attached
Process 8404 attached (waiting for parent)
Process 8404 resumed (parent 8260 ready)

    ExportString is not available in this version of Mathematica.

    ExportString is not available in this version of Mathematica.
[pid  8260] --- SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) @ 0 (0) ---

Java::argx: Method named setSize defined in class com.wolfram.jlink.MathJFrame
      was called with an incorrect number or type of arguments. The arguments,
      shown here in a list, were {30 + Null[SystemrivateetWidth[]],
      60 + Null[SystemrivateetHeight[]]}.
Process 8415 attached
Process 8416 attached
[pid  8404] --- SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) @ 0 (0) ---
[pid  8260] --- SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) @ 0 (0) ---

Out[2]= -Graphics-

In[3]:= [pid  8234] --- SIGALRM (Alarm clock) @ 0 (0) ---

>> I just installed a trial of Mathematica 7.0.1 to see how it improved
>> from the previous Mathematica 5.2 that I still had. Slightly
>> disappointing is the fact that the MathKernel does not output graphics
>> anymore, that is,
>>> ~/bin/math
>> Mathematica 7.0 for Linux x86 (64-bit)
>> Copyright 1988-2009 Wolfram Research, Inc.
>> In[1]:= Plot[x^2, {x, -1, 1}]
>> Out[1]= -Graphics-
>> In[2]:=
>> Without popping up a new window with the graph as it used to in Math5.
>> $DISPLAY is set and valid. Even when I forcibly unset it, there is no
>> warning from the graphics output subprogram (that used to start in
>> Math5) that DISPLAY is empty.
>> I found this [ ] thread in this newsgroup
>> archive mentioning similar issues; however, if directing MathKernel to
>> output in StandardForm or TraditionalForm, the -graphics- won't be a
>> -graphics-, but a point list and parameters of the plot (I'd really
>> prefer the drawn plot ;)
>> In[2]:= StandardForm[Plot[x^2,{x,-1,1}]]
>> Out[2]//StandardForm=
>>> GraphicsBox[... lots of text ...]
>> What could be up with MathKernel7 that it produces no Graphics? With the
>> graphical interface (~/bin/mathematica), plots are in fact shown, but
>> I really prefer running just the MathKernel CLI.

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