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Preserve notebook's $ContextPath between sessions / store custom

I have fallen into the habit of making the default context of the
notebooks private by issuing the command
SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[], CellContext->Notebook]
at the start of every notebook session.  However, I typically add
several other contexts to $ContextPath; I even wrote a utility
function to easily do all this automatically.

It turns out, though, that upon closing and reopening the notebook
Mathematica puts only "Notebook$$xx`" and "System`" contexts in
$ContextPath.  My question is -- is there a way to make _my custom_
$ContextPath persistent between sessions in the same way as {"Notebook$
$xx`", "System`"} context list is persistent?..  Or at least, can I
store custom metadata with the notebook -- i can always write a
wrapper function to retrieve it.


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