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Re: ItemSize and ImageSize->Full , I do not understand what happens

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  • Subject: [mg105315] Re: ItemSize and ImageSize->Full , I do not understand what happens
  • From: "Nasser M. Abbasi" <nma at>
  • Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 06:30:37 -0500 (EST)

Sorry everyone, I found the problem.

I had earlier written SetOptions[Plot,......] in another window.

I was trying things out in another window and I completely forgot about that 

The Plot options that I set earlier were causing the problem below. Once I 
realized this, and restarted the kernel, now I can see that ImageSize->Full 
works as expected.

So, please ignore everything I said below. Just a user error. I have to be 
carful from now on with the use of SetOptions.

Since we are on the subject, I could not find a way to reset options back to 
default. One way I do it now is

default=Options[Plot]; <---- do this initially. (may be in init.m)

SetOptions[Plot, options...];

now to go back, I do


But It would be really nice if there is a way to say SetOptions[Plot, 
DefaultOptions ] or a new command called ResetOptions[Plot]; without having 
to do the above or to restart the kernel.

or something like this.


"Nasser M. Abbasi" <nma at> wrote in message news:...
> Just to add something.  What I really like to obtain is the same effect as 
> the following command
> Grid[{{
>         Framed[ Plot[Sin[x], {x, -Pi, Pi},
>                      Frame -> False,
>                      ImageSize -> Scaled[1],
>                      ImageMargins -> 0,
>                      ImagePadding -> 0]
>                     ]
>       }},
>       ItemSize -> 20, Frame -> All
> ]
> You can see the image (plot here) completely fill all the space. This is 
> what I want.
> But without the use of Scaled[], and without having to specify a numerical 
> value for the plot ImageSize or width and hight. i.e. by only giving the 
> one numerical value for the ItermSize, and the rest should be done 
> Automatically just like the above, but again, without the use of Scaled. 
> This way, I only need to change one value and not worry about different 
> combinations affecting each others.
> I am still trying different options, but none seems to work as Scaled[1] 
> does....
> "Nasser M. Abbasi" <nma at> wrote in message news:...
>> Version 7
>> One of the problems I always have with using Manipulate is getting the 
>> plots and images to align and fit and have the sizes I want when they are 
>> inside a Grid (or Column) and having the whole thing be of the right size 
>> when everything is put togother.
>> So, I am trying now to make a plot completely fill a given Grid or Column 
>> cell (so that no empty space exist around the plot).
>> I normally do this by playing around with the options ItemSize for the 
>> Grid, and with ImageSize for the plot, and with AspectRatio for the plot 
>> command, and with ImagePadding until I get the right size and layout 
>> looks good.
>> But I am finally decided to step back and see if I can find an easier way 
>> than this trial and error method.
>> One way to make an Image fit best inside a Grid or Column element is by 
>> the use of Scaled[1], as in
>> Column[{Plot[Sin[x], {x, -Pi, Pi}, ImageSize -> Scaled[1]]}, ItemSize -> 
>> 20, Frame -> All]
>> However, I do not want to use Scaled[] (for other reasons). So from the 
>> help under ImageSize it says:
>> "For an object that appears as an element in a Grid, ImageSize->Full 
>> corresponds to the full width of the cell in the grid. "
>> Sound good. So based on the above, if I use ImageSize->Full I should get, 
>> what I thought, the same output or may be close to what I had with 
>> Scaled[1], but something very weird happens instead:
>> (be careful when using this command below, you'll notice strange output, 
>> and the scroll bar will no longer work)
>> Column[{Plot[Sin[x], {x, -Pi, Pi}, ImageSize -> Full]}, ItemSize -> 20, 
>> Frame -> All]
>> I do not understand why Mathematica did what it did. I am giving an 
>> specific ItemSize and saying ImageSize->Full, so what is wrong with this?
>> Thanks,
>> --Nasser

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