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Re: old vs new(V7) BarChart3D

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  • Subject: [mg104343] Re: old vs new(V7) BarChart3D
  • From: "Drago Ganic" <dganic at>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 04:08:29 -0500 (EST)
  • References: <hc6g9p$5jt$>

use the option ChartLayout -> "Grid" for BarChart3D !

 BarSpacing -> .5,
 Boxed -> False,
 BaseStyle -> {Medium, FontFamily -> "Arial"},
 Axes -> {False, False, False},
 PlotLabel -> "Field Study",

 ChartLayout -> "Grid",
 ViewPoint -> {1.3, -2.4, 2},
 FaceGrids -> None

Unfortunatly, I don't know no no way (other than manipulation of the 
generated Graphics3D expression) to get rid of the two "walls". Histogram3D 
should be the function to be used for this, but the current interface makes 
it too complicated :-(

Greetings from Croatia,

"mtnMan" <gary.mcclelland at> wrote in message 
news:hc6g9p$5jt$1 at
> I've been using BarChart3D in pre-7 versions of Mathematica to produce
> density plots for discrete probability distributions.  For example,
> BarChart3D[
> (binorm = {{4,15,24,15,4},{15,60,90,60,15},{24,90,144,90,24},
> {15,60,90,60,15},{4,15,24,15,4}})/Max[binorm],BarSpacing->.5,
> Boxed->False,Axes->{False,False,False},
>  BaseStyle->{Medium,FontFamily->"Arial"},PlotLabel->"Field Study"]
> Pre V7, this generated nice, histogram-like bar bars.  But now it
> generates what I would call a microsoft-like two-dimensional bar graph
> with a fake 3rd dimension that conveys no information.  I want the old
> one back!  I've discovered I can get the old one back by using
> Needs["BarCharts`"]
> but then I get all sorts of compatibility warnings.  Is there
> something else I should be using instead of the new BarChart3D[] to
> generate something like the old style BarChart3D[]?  It is not
> Histogram3D because I already have the probabilities or counts for
> each data point.  Histogram3D wants raw data that it will bin for
> you.  Any suggestions?  Or should I just load the legacy version and
> ignore the warnings?

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