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Re: Managing packages in the workbench

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  • Subject: [mg108812] Re: Managing packages in the workbench
  • From: "David Park" <djmpark at>
  • Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 06:01:47 -0500 (EST)

One Application ==== One Paclet ==== One Folder directly in

PacletInfo.m should be at the top level.

The application may contain many packages and many documentation pages.

It's possible that SOME of the resources for the project, such as packages
or some ancillary documentation notebooks, perhaps for each package, could
be at deeper levels within the project. You might have to set Properties,
Project Paths. Any Guide pages should be in the standard place. But you
could make a Guide page with hand constructed links to your own set of

Having an application with hundreds of packages in a nested structure seems
a little dubious to me. It creates an extensive management problem.

David Park
djmpark at 

From: H. Ke=DFler [mailto:kessler.hannes at]

On 28 Mrz., 11:06, David Bailey <d... at> wrote:
> H. Ke==DFler wrote:
> > My primary problem is that I would like to create help pages of
> > Mathematica packages stored in directories which are not at the top
> > level of my private Mathematica Applications directory. The Workbench
> > creates hyperlinked help pages for such packages which work inside the
> > Workbench but not when exported to the corresponding subdirectory of
> > the Mathematica Applications directory. I checked the example you
> > provided on your homepage (
> > m_documentation/m_documentation.html). But it seems that this example
> > also deals with help pages for a package in a directory which is on
> > the top level of the Mathematica Applications directory. If I am
> > wrong, please correct me. But I would really appreciate if you can
> > provide more details how to deal with packages in in deeper
> > subdirectories of the Mathematica Applications directory, no matter of
> > using the Workbench or some other approach.
> Although I only tested the procedure described on my website on a
> package structured in the standard way, I think you could generalise it
> to some extent to deal with a non-standard setup (for example, the
> indexing procedure uses complete path names), but there is no guarantee
> that Mathematica will not make some assumptions that prevent this working=
> .
> Clearly, the best approach would be to try the process out on a toy
> package organised in the standard way, then generalise that to a toy
> example of your nested structure, and only then move on to your real
> problem with some confidence that it would work!
> David Bailey

I've got the workbench to deploy the package files and the
documentation to a folder 2 directory levels below $UserBaseDirectory/
Applications. The PacletInfo file gets deployed to $UserBaseDirectory/
Applications/dir1/dir2/PacletInfo.m, the guides notebooks to
Guides/..., the application packages themselves to $UserBaseDirectory/

But Mathematica does not find the documentation. Perhaps it can find
only PacletInfo.m files in $UserBaseDirectory/Applications/dir1 and
not in deeper directory levels?

When I open a documentation notebook manually, the links in it to
other documentation notebooks dont' work. Such a link looks, for
example, as "paclet:English/ref/someReferencePage".  I was not
successfull to modify the links manually.

The workbench documentation is rather unclear on the functionality of
the paclet system. Is it possible to describe in a single PacletInfo.m
file the documentation of several applications? Do you know where to
get more information?

Best regards,
Hannes Kessler

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