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Re: trying to use InputField as a continually attentive

You could try this with EventHandler


- Jaebum

On 4/2/10 5:20 AM, mkr wrote:
> I am trying to set up some interactive code where I issue short
> instruction strings to drive some additional dynamic code.
> My hope was to use an InputField into which I could continuously type
> these short instructions, with a given character sequence ("do" in the
> code below) acting as the trigger (I was guessing that using the
> [Enter] key might not work).
> There are a couple of immediate problem behaviors that I observe:
> first, when InputField input contains spaces, the cursor keeps getting
> moved to inside of the string, second, after ending a string with
> "do", the cursor ends up to the right of the InputField, requiring a
> [<-] keypress to get the cursor back into the InputField.
> I am using 7.0.1 on XP. Code follows:
> msgs={};
> procstring[ins_String]:=If[StringLength[ins]>1&&StringTake[ins,
> {-2,-1}]=="do",AppendTo[msgs,StringTake[ins,{1,-3}]];"",ins]
> FullForm@procstring["process thisdo"];
> FullForm@procstring["and thisdo"];
> FullForm@procstring["but not this"];
> msgs
> ins="";
> InputField[Dynamic[ins,(ins=procstring[#])&],String,ContinuousAction-
>> True]
> Dynamic[Column@msgs]
> Any help fixing this approach, or with some other technique for
> achieving the same general sort of input mechanism by another
> approach, would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Miles

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