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Re: Button Problem

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  • Subject: [mg109260] Re: Button Problem
  • From: Patrick Scheibe <pscheibe at>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 05:59:34 -0400 (EDT)
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and the documentation to Button doesn't help?

Typical possible settings for the  Method option include  "Preemptive"  
and  "Queued".

With the default setting  Method->"Preemptive", button actions are  
performed immediately, preempting any other evaluation, but are  
allocated only a limited time to complete.

With the setting  Method->"Queued", button actions are added to the  
current queue of evaluations, and are performed when other evaluations  
are complete. No time limit is applied.

Hope this makes it clear.


Am Apr 19, 2010 um 8:50 AM schrieb Gehrmann:

> I am using Mathematica 7 to analyze a large data set and have written
> a program which runs successfully when invoked as follows:
> analyzer["C:\\mdtp\\Jim\\Data\\Data\\Field07Aout.txt", "abc", "All",
>  "All", "-9", "PT", "-9", "CC", "EQ", "1", "1", "No", "{1}"];
> However, I would like to create a button notebook which allows the
> user to change parameters and push a button once the desired
> parameters have been chosen.  I've tried the following statements:
> Get["C:\\mdtp\\currentparameters.txt"];  (*reads the same parameters
> used above from a file*)
> Button["Click Here to Produce Summary and Question Analyses",
>  analyzer[testnamex, sourcenm, specification, selecteddatnm,
>  posttestcorr, posttestnm, coursecorr, coursecorrnm, equator,
>  ToExpression[alph], ToExpression[bet], graffile, qtoshow]]
> which displays a button--on pushing the button the analyzer routine is
> invoked but doesn't complete--no error message is displayed.  I
> believe that this button approach is exceeding some time or memory
> limit but haven't been able to determine which in order to make the
> button invocation method work.  I would appreciate any help on this.
> Thanks.

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