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Re: A new graphic user interface


I totally agree with these 3 "requirements". There is nothing more 
disheartening to a student who is new to Mathematica that to have the last 
hour's work disappear for reasons that are not even clear. I have gotten 
in the habit of saving often ("save early, save often"). I have a number 
of calculations that can take a lot of memory, and if this gets too big, 
it can crash Mathematica with ensuing wailing and gnashing of teeth.


Murray Eisenberg wrote:
> The main issues, from my point of view are simply to ensure:
> (1) if Mathematica crashes, you only lose the past so-many minutes work; and
> (2) you can readily retrieve earlier versions of a notebook;
> (3) and take care of all this directly from within Mathematica.
> Of course one uses other backup tools to back up whole folders, 
> partitions, or drives.

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