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Re: Hanging indent in Print[] output?

On Aug 20, 6:10 am, AES <sieg... at> wrote:
> After some months away from Mathematica, I'm finding
> that when I execute a
>       Print["Long string"]
> statement, with a string that's in fact several lines long,
> the output prints (on screen, in the Output cell) with a
> hanging indent such that all lines after the first are
> indented by about two character widths (or is this
> a "hanging outdent on the first line?).
> Don't remember this happening before.  What might
> be the cause, or what option do I need to fiddle with,
> and where?

I've experienced the same thing. The way around this (or at least one
way around this) is to include a couple spaces (can't recall the exact
number of spaces) at the beginning of the long string.

And, although I've never done this, you should also be able to
programmatically create these spaces and then concatenate the string
before printing.


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