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i get an empty figure when exporting it, if I keep Epilogue->{.....}


I have Mathematica 7.0 and I'm trying to save the following figure
(as .eps or .pdf preferably):

 ListPlot[{result, resultmodif}, PlotRange -> Full,
  AxesOrigin -> {0, 0}, Joined -> True, PlotStyle -> {Black, Red},
  AspectRatio -> 2,
  Epilog -> {Inset[
        ListPlot[{result, resultmodif},
         PlotRange -> {{4.54, 4.6}, {-4480, -4250}}, Joined -> True,
         PlotStyle -> {Black, Red}, ImageSize -> 110,
         Ticks -> {{4.56, 4.58}, {-4400, -4300}}], False, True]],
      "Zoom In", Top], {8, -35000}],
    Text[Style["h[\[Mu]m]", 14], {10, -6000}],
      "Im[\!\(\*SuperscriptBox[\"\[Omega]\", \
RowBox[{\"-\", \"1\"}]]\)]", 14], {2.5, -70000}]}
  ], False, True]

where ScientificTicks is just a function to maipulate the ticks and
their Format on the axes:

ScientificTicks[plot_Graphics, xSci_: False, ySci_: True] :=
    Ticks -> {(t = Ticks /. AbsoluteOptions[plot, Ticks])[[1]] /.
       If[xSci, {x_, xlab_?NumericQ, r__} -> {x,
          ScientificForm[x, NumberFormat -> (Row[{#1, "e", #3}] &)],
          r}, {}],
      t[[2]] /.
       If[ySci, {y_, ylab_?NumericQ, r__} -> {y,
          ScientificForm[y, NumberFormat -> (Row[{#1, "e", #3}] &)],
          r}, {}]}]];

and 'result' and 'resultmodif' are two lists with points in the range
{{0,12},{-80000,2500}}. The figure look great when i run these two
routines, but if I try to save it the result is empty. If I remove the
Epilogue, everything works fine, but I want to have this picture-in-
picture format...

Could anyone give me an idea how to solve my problem?
Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

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