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Re: How to expert a matrix in matrix market format

Dear pratip,

It really doesn't seem to be that difficult. Just typing

Export[ "C:\\Documents and Settings\\Sjoerd\\Desktop\\Ape.mtx", {{0.,
   3.}, {5., 0.}}]

generates an mtx file on my desktop. All I needed was actually in the
documentation and was easy to find (that's not always the case, but
here it was).

Relevant doc pages:
- ref/format/MTX
- Export

Cheers -- Sjoerd

On Aug 27, 10:06 am, pratip <pratip.chakrabo... at> wrote:
> Dear Group,
> Can some one tell me how to export a matrix containing numerical
> values in a matrixmarket file.
> It is called .mtx format. mathematica documentation supports it but I
> cant export using the export command.
> Also how to import .mtx files in mathematica.
> In general the import export documentation of mathematica does not
> have much examples and for several format almost no documentation. I
> hope this will improve in the next versions.
> regards,
> pratip

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