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Re: Replacement Rule with Sqrt in denominator

Am 03.12.2010 11:21, schrieb Richard Fateman:
> On 12/2/2010 2:43 AM, Roland Franzius wrote:
> ....
>> Use rules like
>> HoldPattern[x^Rational[a_,2]] :>    G^a
>> eg this works for contraction of products of fractional powers
>> ((1 + I x)^(1/2)/(1 - I x)^(1/2)) /.
>> 	{HoldPattern[a_^Rational[b_, c_] d_^Rational[e_, c_]]
>> 		:>   (a^b d^e)^(1/c)}
> Not really. Consider the very similar example
> ((1 + I x)^(a/2)/(1 - I x)^(a/2)) /. {HoldPattern[
>       a_^Rational[b_, c_] d_^Rational[e_, c_]] :>  (a^b d^e)^(1/c)}
> where we have a/2 instead of 1/2
> and the pattern does not match.  Maybe you don't want it to match in
> this case, but the problem persists even if you do. Like this pattern:
> ((1 + I x)^(a/2)/(1 - I x)^(a/2)) /. {HoldPattern[
>       a_^(b_/c_) d_^(e_/c_)] :>  (a^b d^e)^(1/c)}
> which fails.

It seems you have not yet recognized that pattern matching in 
Mathematica fails by construction if the symbol name of pattern, here a_ 
concides  with a symbol in the expression.

The rest of these kind of problems - different typisation of numbers and 
expressions, real number rules failing in complex cases, comlex 
multivaluedness in fractional powers logarithms and contour integrals, 
pattern evaluation precedence and rule noncommutativity of rule 
application in real time and many different problems of this kind are 
deeply knitted into the design of a pattern replacement language like 

So the alternatives are to write an alternative language or to learn 
mastering the of use it. The same alternative holds for all of 


Roland Franzius

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