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Re: Cell["\<\ ... \>", ... ; TextData[...]

Am 15.12.2010 13:51, schrieb kj:
> When I examine the source code of Mathematica notebooks, I often
> see Cell objects whose first argument is preceded by 
> "\<\
> and followed by
> \
> \>"
> E.g.
> Cell["\<\
> Yet another undocumented item.\
> \>", "Text"...
> What do these delimiters mean?  And how do they differ from the
> TextData symbol?  (The latter is also undocumented, but at least
> I've seen "cameo appearances" of it in the documentation.)

there is something that is called short box form, which lets you enter
2d box input in just linear strings. I think it is nothing that you
would actually ever have need for and is mostly used just internally, at
least nowadays. I think there was some documentation about it in earlier
versions but I didn't find anything in newer versions (except for the
ShowShortBoxForm option). Instead of these cryptic forms you can almost
everywhere use the explicit Boxes-expressions, so I wonder why you are
interested in these?



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