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Re: NMinimize::nrnum:

tarun dutta wrote:
> On Dec 15, 5:52 pm, tarun dutta <tarundut... at> wrote:
>> NMinimize::nrnum: The function value 20.7739+0.0009381 I is not a real
>> number at
>> {im[0],im[1],im[2],im[3],im[4],im[5],imm[0],imm[1],imm[2],imm[3],<<14>>}
>> = {0.304936,0.266141,0.365626,0.132704,0.870404,<<19>>,-<<19>>,
>> 0.275125,-0.797803,0.291049,<<14>>}. >>
>> I want to know how will I remove this programming error?
>> help..
>> with regards,
>> tarun dutta
> need some help to resolve this error......

Your objective function has explicit imaginary parts (check it). So 
NMinimize will indeed run into complex values.

Daniel Lichtblau
Wolfram Research

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