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Export problem on complicated Animate

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  • Subject: [mg114924] Export problem on complicated Animate
  • From: Canopus56 <canopus56 at>
  • Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 03:52:19 -0500 (EST)


I am trying to generate animations related a simulation of the Ptolemaic solar system.  I have a complicated animation setup for which I cannot export to an shockwave or animated gif format using the method suggested in the Reference Guide: 

Export["Test1.swf", %] where % is the last animation run. 

Export command either aborts or creates a swf file that can be read, but which is locked on the first frame. 

The related animation command is printed below.  The full Mathematica7 notebook file can be found at:

Any tips for how to alternatively automatically generate an animated gif file would be appreciated.  I can generate individual static gifs and separately assemble them into an animated gif file using image processing software.  But with several animations, that may run between 100 to 200 frames, something I would to avoid. 

Thanks - Kurt 

Animate[ParametricPlot[{{d2*Cos[t + \[Theta] + esl], 
    d2*Sin[t + \[Theta] + esl]}, {epiTrichoidx[{d1, a1, b1, h1, 
      t + \[Theta]}], 
    epiTrichoidy[{d1, a1, b1, h1, t + \[Theta]}]}, {epiTrichoidx[{d3, 
      a3, b3, h3, (t + \[Theta])/ty3}], 
    epiTrichoidy[{d3, a3, b3, h3, (t + \[Theta])/ty3}]}}, {t, 0, 
   0.6} , Background -> Darker[Gray], AxesStyle -> {White, White}, 
  LabelStyle -> {White, (FontFamily -> "Helvetica")}, 
  PlotStyle -> {{Yellow, Thick}, {Red, Thick}, {Orange, Thick}},  
  PlotLabel -> "Sun, Mars, Jupiter Apparent Motions", 
  PerformanceGoal -> "Quality", 
  PlotRange -> {{-7, 7}, {-7, 7}}], {\[Theta], 0, 
  2*sp3*IntegerPart[ty3]*\[Pi]}, AnimationRate -> 2, 
 AnimationRunning -> True] 


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