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How to lay out a grid of plots with frame labels, but no spaces

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  • Subject: [mg107429] How to lay out a grid of plots with frame labels, but no spaces
  • From: Mike Bryniarski <melondisco at>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 04:43:27 -0500 (EST)

I want to show a several plots in a grid but only show tick labels and
axes labels on the outermost edges of the grid (all plots on a given
row or column have the same axis along their shared edge).Also there
must not be any space between the plots. I can get the plots in a grid
without gaps easily enough. here is a simple example:

m = 3;
p = Table[
   Plot[x^(i/j), {x, -i, i}, PlotRange -> {{-i, i}, {-j, j}},
    AspectRatio -> 1, Frame -> True, Axes -> False,
    FrameTicks -> {{If[i == 1, All, None], If[i == m, All, None]},
{If[j == m, All, None],  If[j == 1, All, None]}},
    FrameLabel -> {If[j == m, "Time", None], If[i == 1, "Population",
    ImagePadding -> Automatic],
 {j, m}, {i, m}];
GraphicsGrid[p, Spacings -> 0]

But the  "ImagePadding -> None" cuts off axes tick labels. I can
restore them by getting rid of the  "ImagePadding -> None" but that
messes up the spacing. How would I go about showing the frame tick
labels while keeping the graphics grid gap free? The same goes for the
frame labels.


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